it’s time to be bold. Time to be proud and stand tall. Time to celebrate what we do so well: fashion.

Ever since the eighties, Belgium has left a great and significant mark on the fashion industry. Belgian designers emerged, created their own universe, conquered the rest of the world, and today, they run some of the most important fashion houses on the planet. A myriad of talented creatives from photographers to graphic designers, art directors make-up artists and stylists or models, all write fashion history every single day. Belgium is a major player in the fashion business and Les Petits Belges* wishes to pay tribute to those people that make Belgian fashion what it is: world class.
Think of this online magazine as a platform for our fashion creatives. A place where they are given a spot in the limelight, rather than being hidden behind their lenses, brushes or laptops.
We zoom in on the most inspiring editorials, the best campaigns, and the successes of our designers at home and abroad. We keep a close eye on the current fashion trends as well as the upcoming ones and share them with you. We create our own editorials and put dazzling new faces in front of our lens. We run an online art gallery and exhibit the work of Belgium’s creative best. We interview the biggest names in the business, but don’t lose sight of those ready for their time in the spotlight: Les Petits Belges is also about discovering, launching and celebrating new, emerging talents.
Our magazine should read as a map of the Belgian fashion landscape, a vista that is ever changing. One in which we could all be spotted.
And last but not least: We wanna be free to do what we wanna do ! These legendary Primal Scream lyrics have been an inspiration since the early days of Les Petits Belges because they so perfectly describe our wish to work independently, as a team, in order to keep our creative juices flowing without having to make concessions.

*Les Petits Belges, an epithet often used to refer to us Belgians, served as the perfect hook for this magazine: we are proud to be part of an ever growing group of fashion professionals, but we do remain unpretentious. A trait, or quality, if you will, which resides in our genes and is an unmistakable part of our success.
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