Belgian avant garde in Ostend

Ostend is putting its lights on Belgian avant-garde artists.
Mu.ZEE and the Venetian Galleries are each showing an exhibition about Belgian avant-garde artists who explored in futuristic and abstract art.

Jules Schmalzigaug en het kookboek van het futurisme looks back on the first and only Belgian artist who made it into the Italian futuristic art scene.
The exhibition shows an overview of Schmalizaugs work in dialog with other artists who’ve got inspired by the futurism after 1917.
Paul Joostens, Pierre-Louis Flouquet, Prosper De Troyer, …

At the Venetian Galleries you find B.LAST, an exhibition that shows a century of Belgian Abstraction.
Curator Gino Braet brings a personal view on three generations of artists who experienced the influences of abstract art.
The movement knew his first period in 1917 and its second in 1945 after world war two.
Today we experience the third shock, young artists rediscover the boundaries of art and are giving the viewer new dimensions to experience.
B.LAST brings all three generations together and shows work of Pierre Alechinsky, Jozef Peeters, Georges Vantongerloo, Victor Servranckx, Bram Bogaert, Luc Peire, Ilse d’Hollander and Raoul De Keyser.

Jules Schmalzigaug en het kookboek van het futurisme – until 05/03/2017 at Mu.ZEE
B.LAST – de naschok van het abstracte – until 14/02 at the Venetian Galleries

BLAST_lespetitsbelges copy

Georges Vantongerloo – Composition émanante de l’ovoïde


Pierre Alechinsky at his atelier / sculpture by Bram Bogaert


Jules Schmalzigaug – Portrait of Baron Francis Delbeke


Guy Vandenbranden – Composition / Guy Vandenbranden at his atelier


works by Ilse d’Hollander / Raoul De Keyser – Untitled


Boy & Erik Stappaerts – Polarisation / Georges Vantongerloo – Composition