35 years Panamarenko and Deweer Gallery

For many years artist, inventor and visionary Panamarenko investigated notions such as space, movement, flight, energy and gravity. His works portray a child-like dream world, with anything from self-built submarines and flying saucers to cars, zeppelins and spaceships. The Antwerp artist completed his oeuvre in 2005, but his former home and workshop can still be visited. Galerij Deweer showed the works of Panamarenko for the first time in 1983 and now, exactly 35 years later, they are holding a retrospective exhibition of the artist’s work.

Carpet merchant and art collector Marc Deweer opened his gallery in 1979. He got to know Panamarenko’s work via curator Jan Hoet. Deweer felt a great affinity with the artist’s work and decided to get in touch with him. This led to a long-term friendship. Over the past 40 years, the Deweer family have collected an impressive number of remarkable art works by Panamarenko. In the meantime, his two sons, Gerald and Bart Deweer, took over the gallery and they now represent 20 artists each. For this unique exhibition, they bring a retrospective of all the gallery’s works by Panamarenko.

35 years Panamarenko and Deweer Gallery opens on 4 February. After that it can be seen from 7/2 to 11/3 at Deweer Gallery, Otegem”

Bing of the Ferro Lusto, 2002

Left: Deweer Gallery with on the roof Batopillo, the flying man by Panamarenko
Right: Gorilla, 2003

Noordzee-pedalo – Mixed Media, 1994

Left: Donnariet, 2003
Right:Bing of the Ferro Lusto , 2002

Left: Offsetposter for Deweer gallery, 2003
Right: Bart and Gerald Deweer who now run the art gallery of their father Marc Deweer.