Christophe Coppens / FOXIE!

For over more than 20 years Christophe Coppens designed hats and accessories for designers, artists and royals.
In 2012 he announced the end to his career as a fashion designer and moved to LA to focus on theater and contemporary art .
Today, 4 years later, Coppens is presenting his first opera called FOXIE! The Cunning Little Vixen, a piece written by Czech composer Leošs Janáče.

The cunning little vixen is one of the most cheerful and dazzling opera’s Janáče has ever composed. It tells the story of little fox Bystrouska who got captured and admired by the forester. Janáče got his inspiration from a cartoon in the newspaper, which was about a little fox his daily joys and sorrows. The thin line between fantasy and reality are giving this opera a cheerful and youthful image. Director Christophe coppens brings another dimension to this opera by inserting dark and contemporary elements. The opera is an all-embracing concept in which youngsters come into conflict with the adult world.

For Christophe Coppens it’s the first opera he will direct. Before his career Coppens studied theater, but chose the way of designing. The influences of the theater, light, sound, space,.. where always present in his creations. Today his longtime experience as a designer will give an extra touch to this opera.

FOXIE! The Cunning Little Vixen from 17.03.2017 –till 02.04.2017 at De Munt Schouwburg Brussels

Portrait of Christophe Coppens


Advertising image of the opera play


Inspiration collected by Christophe Coppens: Picture from the book Love & Hate Other Mysteries, Found Altered Snapshots from the Collection of Thierry Struvay / Inspiring patches and fabrics


Artwork by Christophe Coppens / view from the atelier in LA



Costume design for To Be Sung, opera by Pascal Dusapin