Dirk Braeckman

Last year Dirk Braeckman represented our country at the 57th Venice Biennale.
Together with Eva Wittockx he mounted an exhibition that showed the diversity of his photographic work. Through his use of analogue photography, he developed his own visual language. He explores the boundaries of the medium, for instance by photographing existing images again and experimenting in the dark room. This exhibition is the departure point for Braeckman’s double exhibition at Bozar Brussels and the M Museum in Louvain.

Both museums are pivotal in their own cities. Bozar, an established fixture in Brussels, was designed by Victor Horta. The building provides for various disciplines without losing its architectural strength. The works Braeckman exhibits here have been selected following the flow of the architecture. He shows a combination of monumental prints, new works and a selection of older images in line with the Venice exhibition.

The M museum in Louvain shows Braeckman’s experimental side. The artist allows us a unique glimpse into his dark room and shows smaller work on paper. His exploration of new media is also represented. The selection for this exhibition is closely in line with the concept of the M building, with its mix of classic and modern art. In 2009, the museum moved to a new building designed by Stephan Beel. Like Bozar, it is a creative meeting place where visitors, businesses and artists come together.

Both exhibitions can be seen until 29th April.


This publication accompanies the double exposition and presents a selective overview of Dirk Braeckman’s artistic practice of the last twenty years, with a focus the works produced for the Venice Biennale.

T.A.-A.N.-96, 1996 in Courtesy of Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp

Art Film by Dirk Braeckman. Commissioned by Louis Vuitton, 2013.
Starring: A.F. Vandevorst, Luc Tuymans, Jan Fabre, Claire Bataille & Yves Borin.

F.V.-U.D.-17#1, 2017

SH-LO-05, 2005

View of the Dirk Braeckman exhibition in museum M