Illustrator Ann Rikkers / intimate impressions

Artist Ann Rikkers doesn’t really plan her work: many of her drawings are just spontaneous impressions of what she sees on walks in Belgium or on her travels. She often travels alone, and drawing is then a much-needed companion. A friend once wrote about her work: The trouble with being on vacation as an artist, as Ann Rikkers has found, is that you’re never really on vacation. Ann also makes larger pieces, but her sketchbooks are like children to her. All the drawings on this site are from these sketchbooks.


This drawing was made at a friend’s home when he was on holiday and Ann was in charge of watering the plants. She was struck by the special atmosphere in the apartment – the absence of her friend, and all the possessions that were waiting for his return. Drawing there felt a little bit like being a burglar… but also like an ode to friendship.


Since that first drawing, Ann started to draw at friends’ houses a lot, and luckily, she has many friends. She is mainly drawn to their interior and the way they put it together and make it a personal space. Her dream is to one day publish a book like Apartamento, but then without people, only drawings.


Ann drew this picture on holiday, on a beach near Porto, where the sunlight filtered through the kitschy parasol.


Drawing of the Atalanta Hotel in Bangkok.


In friends’ houses.




In the garden of Tate Modern