Charline Tyberghein

In 2018, Charline Tyberghein graduated from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts. During her years as a student there, she developed a strong, unique aesthetic that shows in every one of her paintings. She derives her themes from the small things in daily life; simple human situations that everyone can relate to. Apologising, saying goodbye, finding each other (again)… She projects these situations onto everyday objects, and creates a shared yet impersonal story.

The artist finds inspiration everywhere from social media to screenshots, television programmes and various art forms and artists. She devoured the “symbol sourcebook” by interior and graphic designer Henry Dreyfuss. Dreyfuss devised this book as a practical work of reference, grouping symbols into various categories, thus enabling the reader to identify a ​​symbol outside its context and providing designers with a frame of reference to develop new symbols. While Dreyfuss inspired her with his simplicity and calm, she also allows other artists to widen her vision and technique – Victor Vassarelly, René Magritte and Avery Singer amongst them.

Tyberghein’s work is characterised by a calm, calculated approach. This patient style of paintins is a good counterbalance for the chaos of life. She builds up her work in a therapeutic way by repetition, layers and patterns. But she also allows for mistakes to happen, adding to the liveliness of the paintings. Tyberghein purposely leaves room for various interpretations, playing an inviting game with the public through her self-assured, subtle and enchanting use of colours and humour.

One Trick Phony until 02/12/2018 at Keteleer Gallery Antwerp