Architects Gijs Van Vaerenbergh

Gijs Van Vaerenbergh is a collaboration between architects Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenberg. Since 2007, they have worked together on a number of exceptional projects in public spaces and galleries.
Gijs Van Vaerenberg moves away from traditional buildings and creates works of art based on typical architectural shapes such as an arcade, a church, a gate…
Bringing art into architecture, they transform a space by adding a single sculpture or installation. Gijs Van Vaerenbergh makes work that sticks in the public memory, even if people don’t always know who the artist is.

gijs_van_vaerenbergh_lespetitsbelgesLabyrint 2015 – Sculpture built for the 10th anniversary of C-mine Genk

gijs_van_vaerenbergh_lespetitsbelges5Left : Vieuw of the exhibition Sections exhibition at Valerie Traan gallery Antwerp
Right : Reading between the lines 2011 – Transparent-church in Borgloon built out of different layers

gijs_van_vaerenbergh_lespetitsbelges4Framework 2012 – monumental geometric sculpture, which was recently on display in Leuven, above the ring road on the Artoisplein

gijs_van_vaerenbergh_lespetitsbelges2Left : Detail of the Sections exhibition at Valerie Traan gallery
Right : Endless Lamp 2016 – Design in collaboration with Nate Lights, shown on the exhibition Reflector

gijs_van_vaerenbergh_lespetitsbelges3Left : Detail of the Sections exhibition at Valerie Traan gallery
Right : Skylight 2012 – This installation represented the cultural dynamics that characterized the city Leuven at the art festival Kulturama