Artist Nel Aerts is one of the upcoming Belgian talents. She works with different mediums: performance, painting, drawing, sculpture, collage and artists’ books, reflecting the world around her and her position in it as an artist. Aerts shows a great sense of humor in the way she connects her environment and art world to the poetic, funny, tragic and absurd world around her. Her work is figurative and she uses often comic titles and bright and seemingly naive use of form and color.

Nel Aerts is represented by the Carl Freeman gallery in London.
The exhibition Nel Aerts – Ontmaskerd Maske runs till 18/02 at The Warande Turnhout

Left: Selfportrait (behind the mask)
Right: Self-portrait Doppelgänger
, 2014

Op reis met Pablo Biacho, 2017

Nel Aerts at te Carl Freedman Gallery, London

Left: Only eye for one thing
Right: Self-portrait in the studio, pen on paper, 2017

detail from a painting presented by Galerie Vidal Cuglietta (Brussels), 2013

Oudside the M HKA museum Antwerp

Nel Aerts at her Atelier