A vanity of certain flowers – a book by Peter De Potter

Belgian Artist Peter De Potter has published his first book A Vanity Of Certain Flowers.
This self-published monograph contains entirely new work existing out of photography, graphics and photomontages.
De Potter usually shares his work true the internet, a less traditional art route but a conscious choice. Instagram and Tumbler are black pages he uses as a scrapbook. In the proces of making his last series, De Potter decided to make a book out of those and traded the net for print.

The concept of the book is all about retreat, a move away from today’s society that is obsessed with status and ambition. A vanity Of Certain Flowers is a study to the human body, without the focus on seductiveness. Bringing a sense of purity to the idea of a person.

Peter De Potter gained attention by working together with Raf Simons. They started collaborating in 2001, mainly to provide his art to Simon’s designs. Later on De Potter got involved with other projects. He designed and art directed Raf Simons’ book Redux, as well as the Repeat installation for Pitti Immagine in 2005. He also contributed to Simon’s book and exhibition: The Fourth Sex, a reflection on the increasing importance of teenage tribes in our society. In 2014 he was invited by Fred Perry to reinterpret the work of British artist Jamie Reid, which resulted in a set of artistic films and installations at in London and Ginza.
De Potter makes his own personal work, he has been featured in magazines like DUST Magazine, Arena Homme Plus and i-D and created the cover of Kanye West’s latest album The Life Of Pablo.

A Vanity Of Certain Flowers is available true visualartservices.com
and at The Broken Arm, Rue de Perrée 12, Paris.









Left: Artwork for Fred Perry and British artist Jamie Reid
Right: Look from the Raf Simons collection KOLLAPS  in 2002 , in collaboration with Peter De Potter


Left: Videostill of Repeat video installation by Peter De Potter and Raf Simons for Pitti Immagine in 2005
Right: Artwork for The Life Of Pablo Album by Kanye West 2016