Innova Cool !

Climate change and environmental awareness: they are two hot topics of the day. We are desperately looking for any means to limit pollution and keep life beautiful; all the more reason to look at new ways to keep our home cool – and warm in the winter. And then there’s the matter of costs and aesthetics. Time to talk to Maarten Lansink of about durable air conditioning and heating with infrared.

Changing from gas to durable heating with electricity… it sounds tempting. But air conditioning is not really new and it has its own problems. So what is different about your Innova 2.0 air conditioner?

Quite a lot. With classic air conditioning, a large unit is attached to the outside of the house, with an expensive heat pump that is quite noisy. Using the latest technology we can install the entire system inside. What makes us unique is the fact that we install an energy-efficient air/air heat pump that uses warm or cold air from outside. This means that it uses 2/3 less electricity than a traditional system; quite a difference. It is also a closed-circuit system with a minimum of liquid – a bit like a fridge, but then attached to the wall – so there is no need for a yearly service. All this is much better for the environment, and even more so when the home has solar panels and isn’t dependent on the power grid. This keeps the cost down even further.

What about the aesthetic aspect?
Not having an ugly outside unit is already an advantage, but inside we can remove all the radiators and replace them with a streamlined unit. It looks good and you gain quite a lot of space. We also remove all the pipework, making the house look even better.

Does the air conditioning system function well as heating?
It does down to -7°C, but you can also use infrared heating panels that use little energy and that quickly heat up the exact areas of your choice. You no longer need to keep the heating or under floor heating on all day, but you can have instant heat when and where you want it. You set the timer so that, for example, the panel over the breakfast table comes on at 7 a.m., and switches off when everybody leaves the house. At 3 p.m., when the children come home, you switch on the panel in the room where they do their homework. Infrared has also been proved to be better because it causes less dust, and less risk of allergy. Electric air conditioning and heating are also safer – without gas in the home, there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Isn’t it quite an enterprise to switch from gas to electricity all over the house?
Yes, but you can do it in stages. For instance, you can start with an infrared panel in the bedroom, and then the next year, you install air conditioning in the living room. It’s an investment in your own wellbeing, in your home and in the environment.

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