SOFT? Tactile Dialogues

The Antwerp Fashion Museum has closed its doors until 2020 for renovation works and expansion. In the meantime, they use other premises for their exhibitions, such as MAD and the Louvre in Paris. Until 24th february, the exhibition SOFT? Tactile Dialogues can be seen in the Maurice Verbaet Center in Antwerp. The exhibition shows work by Belgian textile artists from the seventies and eighties, in dialogue with contemporary artists.

As a first for MoMu, the focus is not on fashion, but it shows the work of Belgian textile artists from the seventies and eighties from its own collection.
In the seventies and eighties, textiles became more important. Artists did not only see the functional aspect, but also the many possibilities they offer. Social themes were converted into screenprint and all sorts of materials. For the first time, SOFT? started a dialogue between textile in visual arts with contemporary artists such as Kati Heck, Nel Aerts, Anton Cotteleer, Sven ‘t Jolle, Klaas Rommelaere, Christoph Hefti, Stéphanie Baechler, Ermias Kifleyesus, Gommaar Gilliams, Wiesi Will and Kirstin Arndt. This younger generation has a more playful approach and combines the use of textiles with other techniques.
The exhibition emphasises the freedom with which artists move between the various media, techniques and sculptures.

Until 24/02/2019 in the Maurice Verbaet center, Antwerp.

World Mask by Christoph Hefti

Installation at SOFT? and The Hairy Sweater Serie, both by Wiesi Will

Welvaart en verval by Suzannah Olieux 1975

Left: Noeud by Maria Tapta
Right: G-Dawg by Klaas Rommelaere

Gommaar Gilliams